Our February Contest: “Keeping It Alpine Meadows” Sticker Contest

IMG_2311We’ve got stickers on our mind today. The new #FreeAlpine stickers have arrived and are now available. The new stickers are smaller and more versatile, sized at 2″ by 4″ in easy to apply vinyl. Why #FreeAlpine? We’re big believers in the power of two separate mountains. Whether or not Squaw Valley owns Alpine Meadows or not, each mountain deserves to be run on it’s own. Each mountain has unique elements that attract a different clientele. More information about getting your own #FreeAlpine stickers is on our Stickers page.

We’ve been seeing a variety of other stickers out there this year as well, and we figured that it was time to start our second contest of the year, with a theme of “Keeping It Alpine”. If you could make a sticker (or if you have already made a sticker) that shows your passion for Alpine Meadows, we want to see it! Here’s some we’ve already seen this winter:

We know that not everyone feels like they have the tools to create a sticker design, so we’re going to try to make it easy. Sticker ideas can be submitted in the following formats:

  • Create your design in Word or some other program and submit as a JPG, PNG, GIF or PDF
  • Create your design by hand via drawing or cutting up existing stickers, then snap a photo
  • Just send an email describing your design concept and we’ll put something together

All entries should be emailed to us no later than February 20th, 2015. Judging will once gain be done by a panel of Unofficial Alpine sponsors and contributors. Up to three winners will be selected to get  UnofficialAlpine.com flat brimmed caps, depending on the number of entries we receive. Once again our awesome friends at Sugar Pine Cakery have donated another gift certificate for this contest. We hope to see more from our other sponsors!

Ultimately, it sure would be cool if we could get someone to fund the production of the first place design…we’ll keep working on that.




The Gallery of Entries


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