Heading Into The Final Stretch

Photo by Stronzy McNugent

Photo by Stronzy McNugent

It was another fantastic day at Alpine Meadows. It was fascinating to see just how quickly the snow is melting. Rocks that were just barely exposed yesterday were three foot wide bare patches today. The water was running fast and furious all over the mountain. The sound of the water flowing through Hot Wheels Gully was enough to drown out just about all other noise when riding the Hot Wheels chair. Water was also flowing in the little creek along Dance Floor and along Kangaroo Ridge. It was very much like the days I have hiked and skied Alpine Meadows in mid-July.

That said, the skiing was super fun, with the corn more fully developed and a small crowd of positive people on the mountain. For many, it was the final day of the season, with the local’s team season ending today. There were a lot of people moving out of lockers and packing up cars today. Several suggested that they didn’t know how the mountain would stay open through the 5th.

It’s really the way the entire season has gone, with mountain ops making miracles happen with a lot of snow making whenever possible, and more creative snow farming that I have ever seen at any resort, in any season. Those miracles go all of the way back to early December, when early season rains kept slopes bare and mountain ops salvaged every flake of snow from the parking lot to enable the opening of Roundhouse and Summit for opening weekend.

Everything was good today at some point. Following the sun and timing is everything. My run of the day? The skiers right edge of Wolverine Bowl where the bumps were just right and the snow stayed firm well into the afternoon. The reality is, it was all good for me today, as it was my last day of the season at Alpine Meadows. We again hedged our bets and planned a vacation in the sun for spring break back when it looked like an early closure was a very good possibility. Missing the actual closing day…that hasn’t happened for awhile. My ski season is not done yet. I expect to hit Mammoth and some other areas in the next couple of months. Nonetheless, we’ll be happy to post up some reader contributions over the final week.

One reader, Sue, sent in a question asking if this was the earliest closure ever for Alpine Meadows. She noted that the closing date was April 21st in 1975-76, the last really big drought year. Does anyone have records on opening and closing dates?

In the department of weather for the upcoming week…there’s one more warm day in the forecast tomorrow. Then things are slated to cool down by 10-15 degrees, or to temperatures that are more normal for this time of year. While that will slow down the melt, it may limit the softening of great north facing off piste terrain. It’s worth keeping an eye on the forecast in the long range. We’ve been mentioning, along with BA, that the teleconnections were lined up to provide the possibility of significant weather for us. Over the last 2 days, the GFS was very bullish on bringing in a strong GOA storm around the 8th. The last run of the GFS backed way off of that today, showing just an inch or two again. We’ll be keeping an eye on that one…hoping for a repeat of our last year spring break, where we returned to an amazing powder day.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 8.01.31 PM


The Clock Is Ticking…Get It While You Can

Happy snow golfers this morning. Photo via Instagram user @knagaman22

Happy snow golfers this morning. Photo via Instagram user @knagaman22

There’s was plenty of fun to be had at Alpine Meadows again today, thanks to the intensive efforts of mountain ops to move snow around the mountain. Certainly the available terrain for sliding on snow does decrease with each passing day, especially if you prefer your terrain to be groomed and buffed out.

Although the base area of the mountain did freeze overnight, areas above the elevation of Sandy’s Corner did not. Things started out soft right away and that lead to a sense of urgency to make laps quickly. Alpine Bowl is probably the only part of the mountain left where you can say coverage is good. Everything else is getting very interesting. Off piste runs were good in the morning while they were still slightly firm, but quickly turned into a rotten mush with an hour or two of sun.

Dance Floor and Werners have some very thin coverage these days and very minimal grooming due to numerous obstacles. Werners was a single track and Dance Floor was three to four tracks wide. That led to a new flow for me today instead of AB-RG-DF. The best lap in the morning was Alpine Bowl to Weasel to Hot Wheels – loading Roundhouse and straightening the narrow left edge of Rock Garden to get to Charity and back to Summit. It was a lap that offered the best snow surfaces that were not just mush and rock and offered almost no traffic.

As things got too soft in Alpine Bowl, I just chose to hot lap Hot Wheels, where the snow surface was just about perfect and the slopes were virtually empty. It took a lap or two to notice the intensive farming done to scrape snow from the skiers right side of the slope to the left to improve the coverage on the left side.

There were lots of people enjoying the snow golf tourney today, as always. There seems to be some very dedicated employees around that are never going to let that event die. Since I was skiing solo today, I skipped the golfing and focused on lapping the mountain, while I still can.

There may or may not have been some music on the deck this afternoon, as well as some cheaper BBQ and beer options for passholders. I didn’t manage to stick around for that part as the tax deadline is looming and they are not going to do themselves.

Andy Wertheim: Single Lane Skiing

Photo by Martin Meyers

Photo by Martin Meyers

Hello Skiers and Riders,

It is 50 degrees at the Summit and 58 degrees at the base of Alpine Meadows this afternoon at 2 pm.  We ventured out this morning and lasted an hour and a half.  Alpine Bowl was groomed and quite nice spring snow for the first couple of runs.  Below the bowl we found firm corduroy that softened later in the morning.  Off piste was not great, but soft.  The surface just has not transitioned to corn.  Alpine has announced it will be open until April 5th (Easter Sunday).  Hopefully there will still be some snow to slide on in a week.

Most interesting this morning was the single groomed track leading down Werner’s Schuss from the top of Roundhouse.  Relatively narrow with frozen, chopped up, bumped out snow to the sides.  Photo of this rather narrow run is attached taken by Martin Meyers.

It is time to get on the bike or start hiking.

Enjoy your day.

Andy Wertheim


Valleygirl also submitted a couple of photos from today…can’t wait to get out there tomorrow!


Photo by Valleygirl


Photo by Valleygirl


It’s A Good Time To Need Skis…The Slant Preaseason Sale Is On!

The odds are pretty good that whatever skis you’ve been using are looking a bit worse for the wear after the extremely low tide ski season. It’s become routine to just ski right over dirt patches, rocks and stumps like they’re just a normal part of the ski experience. If you’re lucky, you’ve been riding on a brand that is durable and has not left you stranded with a blown edge or delamination. We’re still thinking that many people need more than just a basic tune at this point in the game!

The mens' collection of Slant Skis

The mens’ collection of Slant Skis

Our site sponsor, Slant Skis, just down the road from Alpine Meadows, is now offering 40% off on pre-season orders for 2015-16 models. If you’ve read our reviews, you know that Slants are fun, durable and very reasonably priced, even at full price. You also get a chance to support some local guys that have local skiers and the local ski scene as their top priority. If you haven’t read the reviews, we’ve done one for the Ambush and one for the Hindsight.

The women's collection of Slant Skis

The women’s collection of Slant Skis

During the pre-season sale, all of the models are 40% off, and you can put as little as $100 down now, and pay the rest by next fall. Orders will be completed before next season begins. Click this link to see the order form or check in and see Josh at Slant Skis/Tahoe Snow Lab at 1730 River Road on the way into Tahoe City. The sale ends on 4/15/2015.

It’s Official: April 5th Closing Date At Alpine Meadows

stock-photo-26540616-april-calendarThe Squaw|Alpine website made it official today, adding April 5th as the closing date for Alpine Meadows for the 2014-15 season. While rumors circulated that the plug would be pulled after this weekend, mountain ops was able to perform a few more snow miracles in banking the snowfall from the recent storm.

While the announcement is a disappointment to those of us that like to ski until Memorial Day, we’re in the camp of people that believe that mountain managers have done an admirable job keeping terrain open in a year where the snowpack is just dismal. As of this week, we are now at 9% of normal snowpack for this time of year. The fact that the mountain is open into April under those conditions is nothing short of amazing.

Looking at the short term weather for the weekend, the forecast has cooled just a few degrees, with high temperatures expected to be in the low 50’s over the next few days.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.28.04 PM

Looking at the longer term weather, the teleconnections still look promising for something happening in the world of weather, with an active MJO in the correct phases and the PNA trending negative. Unfortunately there is nothing really showing on the models over the next 16 days. The latest round shows less than 1/4 of an inch of precipitation in the next 16 day period.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.29.36 PM

As the ski season is about to come to an abrupt end around Tahoe, we can only begin to think about the even greater impacts of the drought on boating in Tahoe and rafting on the rivers this year. It’s going to be a tough year for some local businesses.

We’ve already noted that the Stoked Oak will be offering a pass holder party special this Saturday. A $5 BBQ plate and $3 beers will be offered.

The annual Snow Golf Tourney at Alpine Meadows has been moved up to Saturday as well. That means we can expect more than the usual number of costumes out there. The Snow Golf Tourney is likely the Alpine Meadows event with the longest history that has continued to happen throughout the years, outlasting several different owners. This years tourney will likely be quite a bit different that previous years with many of the usual hole locations inaccessible already. There is not a cost to play and clubs are provided. There’s usually some worthwhile prizes too.

Looking forward to just a few more days at Alpine Meadows…

The Survey Comments

Survey comments

We’ve been busily spending some free time hours sorting through the comments from the Second Unofficial Alpine Survey we offered during early March. Since we’ve included 95% of the comments here, the post is quite long. We’ve only omitted comments that were exact duplicates, as well as a couple that made personal attacks on various people.

They’re quite an interesting look into what people are thinking about Alpine Meadows after a third season of ownership by KSL. We’re offering up the comments as is, whether we agree with them or not. To make it easier for reading, we went out and learned how to make anchor links in WordPress.

Click the link to jump to a particular set of comments:

Choosing A Mountain

Food And Beverages

The White Wolf Connection

Alpine Meadows Since The KSL Takeover

Changes At Alpine Meadows

Buying An Alpine Meadows Pass For Next Year

What Defines Alpine Meadows

Other Thoughts

Thoughts on choosing a mountain…

  • Family friendly, safe skiing environment.
  • No bullsh*t, just classic Alpine
  • Snow
  • The vibe
  • Area ownership
  • Distance to my house in Reno, and traffic getting there
  • General operational status on storm days
  • Old school family/racer resort
  • Who is more likely to get more goods open?  Squaw or Alpine?
  • Familiarity with the mountain (know where the fun stuff is since I’ve been skiing there for years)
  • Seasonal lockers and the condition of the locker room. Privacy and privilege I pay for. Restrictions enforced for those who don’t pay for the privilege
  • Worked here for 20 years just love the mountain been gone for 11 and I am still a pass holder even if I got screwed out of my lifetime pass
  • Close to my home but Homewood is closer and I still choose Alpine based on parking/lift ease/season length
  • Areas where families can easily have lunch and hang out with younger kids, while others are skiing.

Thoughts regarding food and beverages…

  • Wish Treats did a mountain top or middle location.
  • Alpine was always know for basic food at a good price; good for families
  • Tailgating
  • None, I never purchase food
  • I  only brown bag and use Treats
  • I bring my own or go to Treats
  • Bring your own or patronize Treats
  • Chalet needs to go back to what it was: homemade cafeteria style affordable food at reasonable prices. Increase inside seating and resume outdoor grill. $6 pretzels and $24 beer with limited seating is outrageous. Base lodge food variety is limited
  • Family style seating big deck and lodge
  • Ice bar is great when it’s open but miss the old shack
  • Rarely eat there
  • I think it’s great.
  • Subway tailgate
  • Old school Ice Bar
  • Need more breakfast stuff
  • Food way too expensive
  • Payday bar in my pocket
  • Be open and ready for winter! Most places are closed
  • Hot grill in the parking lot
  • Needs more high quality options
  • Service time
  • I appreciate that we can bring our own food and eat in a location that isn’t tucked away, hidden and difficult to walk to with children
  • Bring your own
  • You should do $2 PBR
  • Food is awful. Ski team refers to the kids as ‘atheletes’ – fueled by fried chicken fingers, tater tots & fries.
  • Too expensive
  • Classic Ice Bar
  • Add Asian noodle bar
  • BBQ at the Chalet
  • BBQ on the deck.
  • Be open! More choice in the cafe. The BBQ joint has a hard time with its food service
  • Better and larger variety of soups e.g. soup bar – all organic and freshly made
  • Better breakfast
  • Better food, better variety & easier to buy. Sugar Bowl has killer food
  • Better food, reasonable pricing
  • Better quality food!!!!
  • Better quality more options all the time
  • Better quality fresher ingredients
  • Breakfast, chicken at bbq, faster pizzas
  • Bring back the chili to the Chalet!
  • Canned/bottle craft brews in the cafeterias
  • Chalet go back to old menu – more soups
  • Cheaper beer for passholders
  • Cheaper good food
  • Cheaper so a family can eat for <$25
  • Cheaper, healthier/natural/fresh/organic
  • Daily specials, change of menu. Lower prices
  • Don’t change the Chalet to a beer garden!!!
  • Dont use it much because quality is low and price is high
  • Drink and app specials for pass holders
  • Expand Treats.
  • Fix lines, raise quality, more choices, lower prices
  • Food needs to taste better, especially the rice at the burrito station
  • Friendlier bartenders, better pricing on food and drinks, healthier foods
  • Good as is
  • Greater variety at the Chalet. Prices have gotten too high at the Meadows Cafe.
  • Healthier options!!!!!
  • I don’t buy food at ski areas. I come to ski.
  • I don’t care. As long as KSL owns it, they’re not getting a dime.
  • I don’t use them. The reputation is that they are expensive, so I’ve just opted out.
  • I dunno – my wallet clams shut when it sees $10 beers!!!
  • I have only been once since KSL f**ked it all up, so N/A
  • I only use beverage service
  • I usually brown bag it so I don’t really care.
  • I won’t eat there. I bought soda and candy bar for $9. NOT RIGHT!
  • Ice Bar with hot food whenever Sherwood is open
  • Improve speed of service at Chalet & Ice Bar. Cheaper food at Chalet.
  • It needs to be managed better, they are always out of things at the salad bar for example
  • It’s good.
  • It’s pretty good but please bring back the PBR tall boys!
  • Keep Treats!
  • Less expensive please.
  • Less expensive, more variety, better quality.
  • Lower cost options, water at base of main lifts
  • Lower prices & improve quality
  • Lower prices, more variety
  • More HEALTHY options. Not just sh*tty GMO food.
  • More bars.
  • More chalet/ euro style influence
  • More fresh seasonal produce/fruit options and maybe one upscale/ethnic dining option
  • More grab and go options. More affordable options
  • More ice cream options
  • More independents, more competition
  • More interior seating
  • More non-KSL food operations
  • More options and quantity at peak times, service is quite bad recently
  • More salads, barbeque at The Chalet
  • More seating at Spoon. Open all the time. Improved quality and decreased prices at Meadows Cafe
  • More variety food, more BBQ’s on the deck and more beer choices. Lower prices
  • More variety, unique food options, better quality
  • More veggie friendly and healthy options
  • More visually appealing examples of what is available in the cafeteria. Presentation is awful
  • More weekday options
  • Not terribly thrilled with new Chalet set up.
  • Over priced. Bring back good pizza. More Alpine Sauce!
  • Pack my own lunch to save money aside from breakfast sandwich at treats and drinks at ice bar
  • Pricing 2 people for $50 kinda sucks
  • Quality over quantity, make it good and right price it. Impress me with caring.
  • Salads with lean protein
  • Smaller portions at a lower price.
  • Something like Dave’s Deli at Squaw
  • Stoked Oak open everyday
  • Stop cranking up the prices
  • The place exudes CAFETERIA and is about as STOCK a menu as it gets.
  • There’s food and beverages at Alpine? Who goes to a ski area to eat?
  • They’re doin’ good.
  • Too expensive. Greater discount to pass holders
  • Treats is our favorite!!!
  • Usually pack in my own. Pricing too high.
  • Bring back the classic Ice Bar shack & grill
  • Budget options in addition to premium offerings
  • Burgers at the Chalet!
  • Control camping at tables. Help skiers cycle through lunch
  • Fun apres bar on deck
  • I don’t spend money at Alpine so as to not give KSL money
  • I don’t eat there anyway so nothing before mountain changes
  • I don’t spend money in any of the food facilities
  • Not charging an 800% markup for microwaved garbage. Bring back the chili!
  • Salad bar like Mammoth, noodle bowls like Jackson, deli sandwiches made to order
  • Sit down food service
  • Start serving hot lunch options earlier. More pleasant atmosphere in main lodge dining area
  • Vegan
  • Whole new cafeteria with good food not Sysco crap
  • The Chalet off of Hotwheels used to have kid friend food. It is crappy on the “most” kid friend slope to have adult food. The food is bad and expensive.
  • Affordable! What happened to the decent yogurts, the hard boiled eggs, the containers of basic salad?
  • Better options. Just went to Whistler and I was shocked at how good the food was at one of their mid mountain lodges. Not cheap but everything was good.
  • Prices are out of control. Microwaves and toasters in family locker room are awesome. Maybe have a few commercial microwaves I main lodge?
  • Not a change, but I just want to say that the brown bag policy should NOT change – brown bagging should always be allowed both in the lodge and on the deck.
  • Old pricing, not matching just what Squaw does. More sparking wine and beer selections. More salad/veggie options.
  • Better availability of food and more affordable pricing. I went to the Last Chair at 3:15pm on the 2nd day of the Rahlves’ Banzai and they were not serving food. I was told to go to the cafeteria. Everything was shut down except for the bottom of the barrel chili. I was hungry so my friend and I each purchased a bowl of chili and a bag of chips-$12.00. One would think that apres’ food would be available, especially on the day of a big event.
  • On mountain prices don’t totally turn me off for food, as long as that food isn’t the same bland generic food that you can get at every other mountain
  • Locally sourced, reasonably priced, healthy food (all made from scratch) with vegan/gluten free options
  • Basic food service at Meadows is poor quality. Need overall food quality, taste, options to improve.
  • More variety, better quality, moderate prices. Prices are up every year, yet it’s the same old stuff, no variety. Would be happy to pay more for better quality and variety, but not for the same old greasy stuff.
  • Beer prices are entirely too high. More than one brewery selection from The Chalet. I can’t afford to eat there.
  • Need a pasta making and or panini making station. Not that challenging. Great ones at other mountains. Or, having an Asian element, like Pho. Need some variety beyond pizza and burritos and the same old salads. Tried of fries and burgers…
  • More authentic and affordable. Specials perhaps? Not the same schlock as every other half-assed resort?
  • I haven’t used any of the concessions this year besides the Last Chair bar, which thanks to the same long-time bartenders, has stayed the same and doesn’t need any changes.
  • More variety of healthy choices, higher quality ingredients & prep of basics (e.g., better burritos), faster throughput (salads). Do a five year private party lease of the Chalet.
  • Food selection is terrible and prices are high. More reasonable kid/family options. Mammoth is a good example of much better food service
  • More variety, and have it available everyday. Lodge needs to sell breakfast again. Ice Bar to do sausages daily, when Sherwood is open.
  • I would like to see more food options that you cannot find at other resorts. Local products or more unique and flavorful options! Every mountain has french fries and chili….lets get interesting!
  • Aside from Treats, it is your stereotypical over priced resort food. It would be nice to see more local outlets with the opportunity to sell their food (better quality, for less money, but I am sure KSL would charge an outlandish amount of money to rent space to local food vendors, so its probably way out of the question to suggest that). I know its been a tough few years without snow, but Alpine’s apres scene is pretty pathetic. I think better food options, like an apres happy hour that actually has good deals on QUALITY wings, burgers and beer etc would be great.
  • The Mexican food has terrible flavor. Hire someone authentic from the Central Valley to create real Mexican food. Would love to see some asian noodle/rice bowls.
  • Cheaper. $14 burgers aren’t viable and really only play to the day trippers. As a local on a budget, I would love to support the mountain but it’s near impossible. How about having a daily (or M-F, or pass holder Only) happy hour with $3 tall boys and $2 tacos? I don’t stay anymore to drink, choosing cheaper options in Tahoe City
  • Prices. If they dropped prices 25% they would sell 150% more food and beverages regardless of how crappy the food is. Ever hear of McDonotgo’s ??
  • Move back to private concession ownership and management. Contract renewal contingent on performance
  • I liked the baked potato bar that was once there. I think there should be more quick, easy snacks available. Some pricing is fine, other pricing is ridiculous – I will NEVER pay $9 for a hot dog for my kid.
  • Needs way better service and service personnel. Higher quality food and food choices. Prices are ridiculously high given the poor quality and lack of options. For instance on a Saturday there was no soup option, the chili was empty and when they finally brought out a new “vat” it was cold! The salad maker took 20 min – literally – to make a Caesar and it was almost inedible due to wilted lettuce and tasteless chicken. What happened to the outside grill option?
  • Add whipped cream canisters to self-service hot cocoa in Meadow Cafe; lower the prices; offer rice bowls
  • You can’t have a real apres ski scene when food isn’t offered after 3pm. Last Chair should serve food 7 days a week. Offer happy hour deals midweek to get more people in the bar.
  • Just got back from a week skiing in Utah. Skied 5 days at 5 different resorts. Ate lunch at all. Food prices were comparable to Alpine but quality far exceeded. Alpine’s food is like a school cafeteria. Call Deer Valley and ask them how they do it.
  • Bring back the food card/discount for kids on ski team. Also offer bigger discounts to passholders.
  • The employees behind the food counters have to fetch everything. It is so terrible to watch. It makes me want to go back there and help them.
  • Prep is very slow in the main lodge. The pizza makers take their time and sandwiches/burgers are slow. Many times one of the options are closed. Salads went from $9-$12. The prices have increased SOOOO much and no better quality of food. The Chalet, while the inside looks nice, has weird food combinations at awfull prices. It was always my choice for lunch, now I never go there. So disappointed in the food service right now.
  • Alpine should take a note from Diamond Peak: great food at a reasonable price. They also need some adults to run the kitchen. There is no sense of urgency or customer service.
  • Return to a classic ski resort menu at the Chalet, which is the only restaurant I visit at Alpine.
  • Different food options at Chalet, perhaps an additional adult beverage station outside (like they used to have) on warm weekend days.
  • Lower prices and increase variety such as salad bars, burrito, full breakfast offering, soup or chili bread bowls, consistent outdoor grilling, ribs, fresh deli sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburger, veggie burgers , chicken wings, nachos I could go on.

Thoughts regarding the White Wolf connection…

  • Bill Gates needs to buy White Wolf and kill that dream forever!
  • Can they join up but keep their uniqueness?
  • Challenging south facing terrain, not practical
  • Could work, but that zone is very snow dependent.
  • Great, but tickets are already exorbitant. Don’t jack them further.
  • I don’t think the logistics of it will work.
  • I  don’t think the resorts need to be connected.
  • I have always though that terrian would be fun.
  • I ride both and it could be cool
  • I ski equally at Squaw and Alpine and it would be awesome!
  • I’ll believe it when I see it. Would be good though
  • It could be awesome but management will blow it
  • It will be terrific
  • Its probably inevitable, and will provide a mix of benefits and detractions.
  • Not that appealing going against gravity
  • Show me the value statement
  • Will Squaw ever see snow again?
  • I used to think it sounded like a cool idea but now… i’m not so sure
  • Like terrain at both mountains, not sure how it would play out
  • Primarily ski AM and don’t care much either way
  • Who cares? Alpine is already a junk show just like Squaw
  • Won’t work
  • A White Wolf connection would not be likely to be open/accessible often enough to rely on it. A well thought out connection has potential, but KSL has yet to show the ability to make good informed decisions.
  • It doesn’t matter where you ski or ride it is awesome for every skier in California and every business in the basin. No negatives
  • It would be nice but not awesome for as long as they are sensitive to the visual aspects of the lift placement
  • Bring it, it’ll be cool, but know that it will be primarily an attraction, not a skier conveyance device….
  • The White Wolf terrain is interesting but the connection of the resorts isn’t high on my priority list
  • I’m in both camps. Growth must occur. I have problems with the real estate speculation and pricing out locals. But the gondola would mean capital investment into Alpine, something sorely needed.
  • Mostly south facing, don’t really see how it will ever be open for extended periods of time without a major snowmaking effort. For advanced/expert skiers would be fun though as looked at that terrain for years.
  • Hard to tell if it will actually be a viable option. It all depends on how long it takes to get over there and where it drops you.
  • I primarily ski Alpine Meadows and I am not interested in the connect, however I do respect the Caldwell’s and their wish to give back to the ski community. My concerns are with KSL and what they intend to do with this access. Estelle peak is a jewel of the sierras, and is part of what makes a skiing experience unique at Alpine Meadows. It will break my heart to see a lift, gondola,or whatever else you can imagine exploit that area into a gaping highway.

Thoughts on Alpine Meadows since KSL purchase in 2011…

  • Better than JMA
  • Don’t have experience pre KSL. Year over year – some things better and some things worse.
  • I love the combined pass
  • Much worse. Over priced AM and sucked the soul out of the mountain
  • Overall it’s worse
  • Some things are slightly better, many things are much worse
  • The same really, it’s all corporate bullsh*t, we just traded one group of ***** for another.
  • Closing one or the other as a way to max earnings
  • Continued downward spiral since privitization by Powdr Corp, JMA
  • It is now a side base
  • Please leave KSL. Sell to Vail so they will actually take care of the mountain
  • Whack
  • It’s not bad, it’s just not getting the attention it deserves because the focus has shifted towards swallowing it up in Squaw’s shadow.
  • Because of the lack of normal snowfall for the last 4 years, I feel that AM & SV have not had the ability to utilize all of what they offer to all riders and visitors. So this disadavantage has added to the overcrowding and money holds at both areas. KSL has had some chances to make things right with AM but they continue to lose sight of a tremendous local assest.

Thoughts on changes at Alpine Meadows…

  • AT&T Coverage
  • Add mountain biking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surviving no snow is key
  • Bring back the Locals Program
  • Crowd management slow down fast skiers on the intermediate runs
  • Don’t add lifts. Part of the greatness of alpine is the hikes to terrain.
  • Emplyee satisfaction and retention. It’s OK to wear the AM logo – any of them.
  • Focus on locals. Bring back the fun events we all love!
  • Halfpipe again?
  • I am all about the upgraded lifts, just don’t add anymore!
  • Keep A-Bowl chair running Saturday and Sunday and longer to end of season
  • Keep it family!
  • Let Alpine be the local skiers and riders mountain.
  • Lower day ticket prices!
  • Make it feel like a locals’ playground again
  • Offer a cheaper Alpine-only day ticket and season pass option
  • Alpine and Squaw seperate passes
  • Give us our logo back!!
  • Lower lesson prices for my grandkids
  • Make it snow again
  • No new lifts
  • Open ASAP close as late as possible
  • Open earlier in morning
  • Remove $ parking
  • Return its soul, please.
  • Terrain parks
  • Develop underutilized Sherwood. Add a chair, snowmaking, terrain park, shuttle and build a small base lodge
  • Do NOT add a lift to Estelle! That’s part of what makes Alpine so great – all the hiking, trees, nature that you can enjoy without all the people who are too lazy to hike out to the best snow around
  • Stop trying to Squawlify Alpine. Give us back our identity and run our mountain right. Treat the employees with respect.
  • Allow pass and ticket options for AM only, SV only and AM/SV combo. Ticket prices need to reflect the ski area and the terrain and lifts available.

Thoughts on buying an Alpine pass for next year…

  • 4 bad years in a row is not good. KSL should open Alpine before Squaw & close Alpine later.
  • As long as they don’t raise the prices, there is a chance we will buy passes again.
  • Biggest factor is how the team programs are organized, staffed and priced.
  • Do an Alpine only pass and it would be 100%
  • I always buy the SV/AM pass and ski both mountains.
  • I do this in spite of disliking the mountain changes. I love Alpine and am LOYAL to the mountain
  • I still love the mountain despite what KSL is doing to it
  • I would get a Alpine pass over Squaw Valley
  • I’ll always be from Squaw but I’ll still ride Alpine whether it’s independent or not.
  • I’m doing more backcountry now due to the crowds and expense of going to the ski resort
  • I’m really liking my Sugar Bowl pass
  • I’m thinking of going to Sugar Bowl.
  • Just cuz KSL is in charge now it doesnt change my mountain! F**k em, soon they will be gone….
  • Leaning toward Sugar Bowl for the price and growing very tired of KSL operations and money holds
  • May go to Sugar Bowl to get back to the independent mountain feeling.
  • Mount Rose is looking better
  • Mount Rose is looking mighty good these days. Better snow, more affordable, etc…
  • No other choice than Homewood
  • No real alternatives except perhaps Sugar Bowl.
  • Seems like a lot more effort is being put into opening lifts at Squaw than Alpine
  • Seriously evaluating Sugar Bowl. Have contemplated Kirkwood also.
  • Stop moving the “good” events from Alpine to Squaw, High Fives Train is one example
  • These are some loaded questions!
  • Thinking of selling my place in Alpine to avoid KSL
  • Where else would we go?
  • Why does K$L have to suck?
  • Considering moving, and if not I would rather buy a Rose pass than support KSL anymore
  • Mainly ski Squaw – better terrain and environment
  • Probably changing mountains to Sugar Bowl for ski racing program
  • May not buy a pass since 3 years of lousy snow and I have to ski on weekends
  • Thinking about a Sugar Bowl pass
  • Think I’m done with Tahoe after 35 years! Traveled a lot the past 5 years and think it’s time to go somewhere else like Jackson or even Taos where they still run the resort for skiers
  • Our next choice would be Sugar Bowl which is a long drive from the west shore, so it seems we are very likely to ski Alpine
  • I like Alpine. Don’t turn it into a Squaw. It gives people the choice to go to a mellowed resort. The vibe is better than Squaw.
  • F this place. Ill come back when they sell. Hopefully to me. Or mom and pop with a plethora of loot
  • Let’s see how the Sugar Bowl alliance evolves. We may still call Sugar Bowl home and pick up a few nice days at Alpine. No interest in Squaw
  • We love Alpine. It’s still the same mountain and it feels better than dealing with the scene at Squaw. We live in the west shore, so we aren’t going any further at this point.
  • I am moving to Colorado by the end of the year, thus my lifetime support of Alpine Meadows will become only as a potential visitor.
  • They need to have an Alpine only day ticket that is 20$ cheeper than a Squaw Alpine ticket. Limit crowds at Squaw – allow a cheaper option for families and turn Alpine into a feeder resort.
  • I purchased a Squaw/Alpine pass I have had a Squaw pass since 1983 I started skiing a lot of Alpine after the merger and a for a couple of years in high school on the ski team. If I’m physically able to ski the odds of me getting a pass are 100%.
  • Pricing needs to be reduced, seasonal lockers should be upgraded or prices lowered for the poor conditions, locker room attendants need to be placed in every locker room to keep out those who don’t pay for the amenity. There Mt Hosts sitting at a table in the breeze way whose time could be better served in the locker rooms. I have also observed them clearing tables in the cafeteria. Really???? Put them in every locker room instead. It has becomes cost prohibitive to continue to be treated so poorly by Squaw management. Alpine has becoming a dumping ground for Squaw. If I wanted the “rock star” ski experience I would go to Aspen. I want the safe, affordable, family, locals ski experience. We have to stop skiing by 11 am because it is too dangerous to continue skiing. Reckless, skiers and boarders are ruining our skiing. There is a difference between reckless and fast. I have reported to ski patrol on the mountain skiers and boarders drinking and one instance where a family member was nearly killed by a reckless skier only to be met with indifference. It has become a nightmare both financial and physical to continue skiing at Alpine. I have explored other ski areas along with friends and family where we can afford to ski safely.
  • I probably won’t be supporting KSL and their plans for building a monstrosity over the hill. Unfortunately this means sacrificing Alpine too. I’d rather give my money to a resort that has more responsible views towards the community and environment.
  • I grew up skiing Alpine but have lived out of the area for 15 years. I need reasonably priced ticket options. Paks of tickets are fine, but 69.75 per day, which is what I paid this year for a 4 pak, is too much! I can only ski on weekends sometimes. Alpine is pricing me out. It is my favorite mountain but I can no longer afford to ski there. Why does everything become about squeezing as much profit as possible?
  • I love that I can ski at two great mountains on one pass. I will equally ski at Alpine and Squaw. That’s the beauty of the interconnect. I could start at one mountain and move freely back and forth throughout the day. How awesome is that! I can’t wait!!
  • KSL is scaring me away, plus elevation in key these last few seasons. Probably buy a Sugar Bowl pass and get my free days over at Alpine/Squaw.
  • After almost 20 years of buying a full Squaw/Squalpine pass, I’m pretty sure I’m done (until changes are made). It’s as if they try to make the experience frustrating, when it should be all about joy.
  • The Tahoe Basin’s only, unique to Alpine Meadows, the Telemark Team is part of my family’s reason for skiing here. Maybe ski programs could promote the Tele Team?
  • Alpine will always be my home mountain. whether i’m an employee or not, it’s the best mountain in california.
  • We see a non-insignificant number of families moving to Sugar Bowl and other mountains. We are debating our options.
  • Don’t care about food, don’t care about events, just want a parking spot and relatively uncrowded skiing.
  • Even with a guaranteed better winter, i am unlikely at this point in purchasing any more season passes. the old timey family experience is all but gone so i may as well take the family to other resorts now
  • We now have a group of skiers in their 20’s who hurl the F-bomb around on lifts and think they are the greatest skiers in the world. Get a grip. This isn’t the world cup. We are all just pretty much hackers at slightly different levels. Get rid of the attitude. You are the people most adversely affecting Alpine Meadows. Some of the lift operators now seem to want to be cool and dancing rather than paying attention to lift operations. Grooming crews and snow management crews are awesome. Thanks to them for making ski seasons for the rest of us out of very little.
  • I would like to see an independent Alpine, but am concerned that with the recent weather trend that it might not be economically feasible.
  • Any of the past five years I would have said 100% but I am starting to consider a Mountain Collective or Sugar Bowl pass instead.
  • Won’t buy Squalpine pass again, it’s just too damn crowded. Plus driving from Tahoe Donner it’s taken me TWO HOURS to get from the Truckee roundabouts to Squaw stoplight. That defeats the whole purpose. I can get to Sugar Bowl faster from Reno. Sugar Bowl and Rose are the only viable options anymore. Was WAY better when Squaw pass was $1500 and there weren’t 20,000 gapers ruining both resorts simultaneously. Way to ruin the best thing in Tahoe, KSL!
  • It is the mountain and regardless of who runs it they will not be able to change the terrain… and I love that. I like that they focus on Squaw and leave Alpine alone
  • Better time/value to money ratio by flying out of CA to ski in places with equal or better terrain, less crowds, and lower ticket prices (SLC, Canadian Rockies, etc.)
  • KSL needs to invest money into Alpine Meadows instead of holding it hostage and watching it wither away. Vail resorts is interested. Plus, they will put money into the resort
  • Skiing is too expensive for the quality, difficulty of whole experience (crappy snow, drought, lodging, traffic, distance, hassle, crowds). Tell me how many middle class families can buy 2 $130 tickets, 3 kids tickets, lessons, food, lodging, gas, and clothing/miscellaneous expenses for a week? . . .The greedy ski areas are killing the sport for normal people/families and it’s a rich-man’s sport. No doubt about it.
  • I love Alpine Meadows. If I’m going to ski at a resort, it’s going to be Alpine. I will not abandon Alpine Meadows even when I am not satisfied with poor business decisions of its owner.
  • The app isn’t that good for current information on scheduled lifts. Navigation is weak. As usual with most mountains I think that the forecast and snow reports are inflated to show the mountain is a rosy light.
  • After skiing a number of days at Sugar Bowl this year (thanks to the joint Alpine/Sugar Bowl six pack), I’m having a harder and harder time justifying paying to ski at Alpine – Sugar Bowl is a pretty great mountain too, and 30% cheaper to ski at. It makes me really sad because I grew up skiing Alpine and really think of it as home! Unfortunately KSL is pricing me out.

Thoughts on what defines Alpine Meadows…

  • A lower-profile mountain for me to enjoy when I’m skiing in the Tahoe area.
  • A sense of belonging. It’s a giant family. Good vibes. It’s special.
  • A soulful mountain
  • AC completed quickly
  • Backcountry feel with prime hike-to terrain
  • Being the exact opposite of Squaw
  • Best place to ski pow in Tahoe
  • Chill vibe coupled with great skiing
  • Classic tahoe resort
  • Community
  • Culture
  • Down to earth
  • Family friendly
  • Family friendly,locals mountain.
  • Family oriented and fun terrain
  • Family, friends, fun
  • Freedom
  • Friendliness, fun & not too crowded
  • Friendly and not fancy, but great skiing(when there’s snow!). Feels like our extended family.
  • Friendly, open to all skiers and riders, local, fun!
  • Fun for/with your whole family, no matter your ability
  • Fun terrain
  • Go ski without bullsh*t
  • Good mountain, good vibe.
  • Good terrain, mellow vibe
  • Great access to side country / off piste terrain
  • Great mountain with friendly atmosphere. Hike to the best terrain.
  • Great terrain and skilled staff, from parking lot through lifters through patrol and ski school.
  • Great, mellow place to ski for the entire family. If you don’t like it, go back to Squaw.
  • Has always been a skier’s mountain. Not so now with KSL.
  • Hike to side country and terrain. It’s not Squaw
  • Hikes, great for kids, great employees with continuity. Small mountain with big terrain
  • Hiking for turns
  • Home. I grew up there. I want my kids to as well but can’t afford the kids programs.
  • How “homey” it feels
  • Inbounds backcountry experience
  • Independent and local (yeah, that’s two, so what?)
  • It is a better managed mountain than Squaw. More down to earth and local feeling.
  • It is a ski area that is built around a community of skiers and like minded mountain folk.
  • It still feels local, and local feels good.
  • It was always a skiers’ mountain . Until KSL came in wanting to build a mall around a ski area
  • It’s not Squaw
  • It’s a ski area, not a resort
  • It’s about the skiing.
  • It’s where I grew up skiing, it’s where my family and friends ski, it’s home
  • Its not Squallywood and has a more locals vibe
  • Just skiing and snowboarding, no gift bags.
  • Killer terrain options when mountain is all acess
  • Just that. Alpine. Meadows. Think about it. The most beautiful place on earth
  • LOCAL!
  • Laid back attitude and crowd
  • Laid back vibe, powder, all time side country
  • Laid back, High T/Estelle/Lower Saddle Hikes
  • Less hype, more skiing
  • Lift accessed backcountry
  • Local experience with great terrain
  • Locals mountain
  • Low “attitude”
  • Low key skiers resort
  • My mountain
  • Not pretentious
  • No frills resort with great terrain
  • Non corporate vibe
  • Nooks and crannies
  • Old school scale and friendly
  • Open boundary, off piste skiing
  • People are there for the right reason.
  • Premier Tahoe destination
  • Promised Land.
  • Relaxed and fun atmosphere
  • Relaxed environment committed to the sport of skiing
  • Sherwood and High Traverse
  • Sherwood. Love that place.
  • Side country!
  • Simplicity
  • Small mountain vibe.
  • Soulful
  • Spring skiing and the “old” Ice Bar
  • Subway dog park with others, having a beer.
  • Terrain that is not always accessible by a lift
  • The mountain
  • The REAL soul of skiing.
  • The ability to hike/traverse to find untracked snow
  • The earn your turns great attitudes of all the people hiking to their lines!
  • The hikes to back bowls
  • The hikes. The atmosphere. Seeing friends and neighbors.
  • The laid-back local vibe with great terrain
  • The local, family vibe it USED to have
  • The most amazing terrain in Tahoe – if you know how to find it!
  • The people who ski and ride there
  • The place to get away
  • The vibe of the people- casual, confident, conscientious,
  • The way skiing used to be.
  • The way skiing was meant to be
  • Traditional
  • Uniqueness
  • Unpretentious, family
  • Used to be “mellow”
  • Variety
  • We’re not Squaw!
  • Antithesis of SquallyWorld
  • Backcountry feel with hike-to terrain. Core skiing with no frills.
  • Chairs that go to nowhere
  • Chill attitudes
  • Cool, old/new school, screw Squaw
  • F Squaw
  • Family skiing with an edge (if you want it)
  • Feels like a local resort
  • Fun when i’m not at Squaw
  • Fun/challenging terrain and variety of out of bounds hikes.
  • Good terrain without the pretense and the bullshit
  • Hiking for pow
  • Hiking to great sidecountry, chilling at the lower bakery & ice bar
  • It is not Squaw
  • Late close dates
  • Less intense than Squaw
  • More relaxed
  • No attitude, just about having fun skiing
  • No mall shopping
  • Not glitzy
  • Old time family ski experience
  • Open boundary policy
  • Scootch leg
  • Ski hippies, dogs and families coming together to ride the best Mtn in Tahoe !!
  • Skiing comes first.
  • Soul / authenticity (albeit waning)
  • Spring corn in late May
  • The camaraderie
  • Timeless. in a good way…
  • True riders mountain
  • Wide open bowls that haven’t been good since 2011.
  • A low-key, fun loving “community” inclusive of all types of skiing/riding people (young, old, pro, families) enjoying an excellent mountain all together.
  • Real people ski, all the deadheads & hippies forest service & old red necks; we all got along to make alpine what it is today; words from the office vault it you work there & you got in trouble you might of heard these words you pine we pine we all alpine so lets work together & make it fun that what we did for ever body that the tradition
  • Open boundary policy; lift assisted backcountry skiing – ski powder for days at Alpine because you have to hike for it; farming corn in spring time; it’s about quality conditions and an outdoor experience
  • It used to be the employees and the mountain. Now it is just the mountain. All the great employees seemed to have left
  • I don’t know anymore. See the above comment. Squaw is a much friendlier place to ski in a lot of ways now. Go figure.
  • A local family & friends area with a freindly and low key atomsphere with varied terrain and back country access.
  • It’s my home. I live, work, ski and raise a family here. If you want to make a difference and really care about the development of Alpine then get involved with what is happening with the corrupt home owners associations and the proposed development of residential homes at the base of the mountain. Those are the real issues happening in Alpine. This mountain wouldn’t still be operating at this point in the season if it wasn’t for KSL. Focus on real issues and give this company a break.
  • Get your act together front line employees, start caring, or fake it, but try to act like you are happy to be there. The family feel is gone. Sad…..

Any other thoughts…

  • #FREEALPINE and while you’re at it #FREESQUAW
  • #freealpine
  • A collective perhaps or someone to operate it ala Bedami
  • Alpine has been a great mountain. Keep it that way. No one wants to see it become a mini-squaw.
  • Alpine is about the…SKIING,!!!!!
  • Alpine is better than squaw in low snow years. Squaw is better in big snow years.
  • Alpine is not Squaw, and vice versa
  • Bring back Alpine only pass !!!
  • Don’t destroy our mountain
  • Enjoy both mountains! If you can’t do that, get out of the Sierras!!!
  • Even JMA kept it real.
  • Find the balance between making money and keeping the culture what makes it such a special place
  • Go back to opening earlier and staying open longer in the season
  • Hope KSL sells!
  • I love Alpine!
  • I love the dog friendliness at Alpine (we are the Great Dane owners!)
  • I miss Kate Zaloga.
  • I miss the logo and identity.
  • I want my kids to ski for life. We need more affordable kid and family programs.
  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But please, make it snow again!
  • In terms of operations, KSL is better, and more dedicated to skiing than JMA
  • It was awesome to have the Disabled Sports USA bash back at the Alpine lodge this year.
  • It was better before KSL
  • Just keep it away from Vail!
  • KSL marketing are the biggest liars on the planet.
  • Keep Alpine it’s own mountain
  • Keep development of the meadow to a minimum and focus on the business of skiing!
  • Keep the focus on improving the mountain. More terrain and upgraded lifts.
  • Keep the idiots at Squaw
  • Keep the lifts spinning, the boundaries open, and pray for snow in the future.
  • Let go of the conspiracy theories. Its all business. It isn’t some kind of insurgency.
  • Like the challenge of the mountain, the hiking and the overall vibe of people who ski there.
  • Love the friendly staff, down to earth patrons, great mountain
  • Love the place! Hate how KSL has changed the vibe, and pricing
  • Place is one of a kind and it’s a bummer it’s changing.
  • Please remain independent from Squaw
  • Sell it Keep Squaw Luxurious
  • Ski team never fails to be a poorly organized operation.
  • Skied Alpine as a kid, and now as a local. Would like to return to local small mountain
  • Stay local/small/real . . resist the urge to commercialize and grow big!
  • Take back Alpine
  • This is where the real soul lives.
  • Time to start thinking about the future and how that resort will survive.
  • What happened to the world class terrain park?
  • Wish we had more snow….
  • Don’t sell out…
  • Keep it Alpine all the way. What would Nick say?
  • Keep up the good work at UA
  • Keep up the great reporting!!!
  • KSL seems to not care about Alpine
  • So sad to witness its slow demise after skiing at Alpine for my entire life
  • Used to be madly in love with
  • Want AM to keep/define it’s on identity and make it’s own management decisions.
  • Want the heart and soul back
  • The mountain needs to maintain a separate, distinct identity from Squaw. We’re the hippies; they’re the yuppies.
  • I moved to the area 11 years ago, my student season pass was $199. I was a poor college kid from Chicago, I was so excited to find a place that my friends and I could afford to ski with great terrain. While I had been skiing since I was 8, I didn’t really learn to ride hardcore off piste terrain until I moved to the area. Alpine will always be a home to me. I am afraid that the place I consider a home, a place that I get chills when walking through the breezeway hearing avy bombs in the distance, will forever change and a piece of my life will just be gone.
  • I started skiing and working at alpine in 1979 at 19 years old.I met many friends that are still family today. We went thru the avalanche era and big REAL winters.We were there when we found Bernie and Anna We lost friends and family. It was a community that was great to be apart of.When it was run by and for skiers, not for $$$$Not the corporate world . Skiing 100 days a year for many years.I do not get out as much , but Alpine is the place I want to ski the most. Alpine & Squaw would stay open as long as there was snow- not as long as they could make $$$$$The mountain is still the Mountain. I want to go ski not show off my new coat and skis
  • I am actually vehemently AGAINST most of the changes you list above – I wish you had an option to express that. I don’t think that additional lifts should be added to access every corner of Alpine’s terrain – one of the amazing things about the mountain now is that you have to work to get to these places, which means that once you get there you have it practically to yourself. It’s a great and unique feature of Alpine that would be destroyed by more lifts. Also I don’t necessarily think that Alpine needs to be sold off, but I do fully support #freealpine – Alpine needs to be treated as a separate and independent mountain from Squaw, with respect for its unique character and a reasonable price point for tickets.
  • Alpine is like a grown up Homewood with snow. The vibe is more about exploring terrain and conditions with your friends than pushing people out of your way so you so you can wait for your buddy on the pre load board. Plus the croissants at the bakery are awesome!
  • Skiing and snowboarding is on the decline because of economic factors, less money, and tickets are more expensive. I remember when Squaw was $51 a day…now its double that, not even 10 years later. My kids will never ski or ride because I will never afford the costs.
  • I was one of the first snowboarders at Alpine when the mountain opened to us. It has been home ever since. Squaw is not my home & it never will be.
  • I don’t know if we can return to how thing used to be. I am glad my kids got to grow up on the “old” Alpine. The new breed just doesn’t get it and probably won’t. The evolution of the consumer market continues to advance.
  • As someone who primarily skis at Squaw if Alpine is going to have any benefit for me as a passholder it needs to retain its independent character.
  • No matter what they do, they can’t take away the mountain and the love that so many of us have developed for it over the years.
  • Quality of experience is way down the last few years. But that is true everywhere. Hard to tell if it is the ownership or crummy show conditions.
  • Alpine is special. There is a reason I have continued and will continue in the future to call it my home mountain, even as my life has progressed from single to married to family man. It is great the way it is. That said, running a resort is a business and that has its own set of needs. There are plenty of smart motivated people who can find a way for Alpine to stay true whether joined with Squaw or free. I hope we are successful.
  • I miss Alpine the way it was when I worked there in Competition Services in 2008. Great vibe, and lots of interesting “characters” as employees instead of brainwashed KSL ass-kissers or those disgruntled with the current management. Stormy powder days without lift lines that reach halfway up the run. Live music both days on weekends. Snow golf!
  • No. We love the mountain,volunteer ski patrol, and think the groomers are world class Came up to the mountain when lots were for sale on a cat. No lifts yet. Bought,built and have had Our cabin since early 1960. Skied the world but would not trade Alpine for ant other mountain and place
  • It used to be awesome, now it’s okay. Don’t connect it, reserve it as an escape, an entirely different experience from the agro masses at squaw.
  • Sad how it has changed for the worst. Nothing had been spent for improvements and only bring a high testosterone group from over the hill
  • Keep it Alpine. Squallywood can keep their flash and cash aura. If KSL wants to keep Alpine then they can DBA Alpine apart from Squaw. They will make more money operating the two independently. Each resort has different demographics and business models that can generate income. The current operational business model is not working and more loyal Alpine guests will leave.
  • Let it be. I’d like to see our own logo back and separate merchandise available (i.e. don’t need Squaw written all over anything I would buy). Give us back our website…I hate being redirected to Squaw every time I click to different part of the website. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Quit trying to charge me VIP parking at my own mountain.
  • I used to primarily ride Squaw but I’ve been unhappy with the ways in which Squaw has changed since KSL purchased it so Alpine became my primary mountain. So I was upset and disappointed when KSL then bought Alpine. As someone who had a season pass to both mountains since 2003, I haven’t thought that any of the changes at either mountain have been positive.
  • Don’t like change when it doesn’t make things better… I don’t understand why a great place was swallowed with no effort to provide unique space
  • Go back to being for skiers and riders who share the love of of the sport and the unique opportunity that alpine offers with it’s open boundary policy and lift assisted backcountry skiing. Why does every paradise have to be exploited and ruined?
  • As I said before with the Sierra’s suffering from 4yrs of dismal snowfall which limits the amount of terrain and lifts available, both AM & SV have been affected with less than ideal conditions for the masses. Shorter seasons, overcrowding, higher prices and less stoke has been magnified at both areas. We should’ve been excited when both areas merged – two kick ass mts. to shred on was only a dream in the past. Unfortunately corporations like to run on profits and not compliments so the bottom line is always money and not SOUL! AM should not be manipulated into a whiny stepchild that the top brass want to teach a lesson. AM should be run how it has in the past and reflect the old soul of skiing which is in danger of being lost in the corporate shuffle.
  • The fact that our logo is disappearing saddens me. Estelle sports is now filled with all squaw logo wear. For not wanting to “change our identity” their doing a good job of it. Employee moral and general attitudes have changed a bit. It’s not the same as it used to be. I’ve worked here for 15 years people I considered family were let go. And Squaw corporate yes men were put in their place, who had nothing to do with Alpine and went out of their way to make sure all departments were wearing their Squaw uniforms
  • Alpine has always been the coolest local mountain. Such a shame that KSL has tried to re-brand something that is so pure and perfect.
  • Love the mountain, but getting priced out of the sport. I can’t gamble on a season pass, but paying over a hundred dollars for a day pass isn’t realistic either. Purchased a six pack this winter, but will not utilize all the tickets due to horrible conditions. Will go the route of purchasing day tickets next season, just less of them.
  • I was an employee of a ski resort (not SV or AM) in the Tahoe area for 18 years and ‘moved off the hill’ to have a normal life. After a 14 year hiatus form skiing some friends talked me into buying a pass at Squaw. Unknown to me Alpine and Squaw had merged (KSL bought both). I thought that was a bonus and looked forward to skiing so much terrain and exploring 2 mountains I had not skied much in 30 years. I concede that this season’s conditions have been challenging but after 2 days at Squaw I FULLY REGRETTED buying that pass. I left Squaw in ’84 (a regular there for 2 years in the early 80s) and must have forgotten what a nightmare that place is and has always been, ALWAYS. On a whim a month ago I decided to keep diving past the Squaw exit and roll up into Alpine. Not expecting much given the season and association with Squaw, I tried to stay optimistic on skiing Alpine that day, after all, I was way in the red with the purchase of that pass. I was so happy that I chose to ski Alpine that day that I have been back there numerous times, NOT SQUAW, as much as my schedule has allowed. I am now in the black with my pass and am definitely considering a pass there next season. There being Alpine. If there was an Alpine only pass it would be a done deal. Just gotta decide if I am willing to pay Squaw tax…… Cheers!
  • I love Alpine and it has been a great home mountain for me and my family for years. The prices are out of control, and for the first time in 10 years neither of my kids will do team next year. My feelings are not hurt by Alpine being the red-headed stepchild to favored spawn Squaw in the KSL corporate vision. I have not noted a difference in the people at Alpine, and if those seeking status through their mountain choice prefer Squaw over Alpine all the better. I hope everyone attracted by KLS marketing believes Squaw to be the better choice. Let them enjoy Gold Coast all day long and leave Broccoli Tree, Promised Land, High T, and Counterweight Gully to us.
  • Have loved Alpine for 35+ years. My family and I always will, always. This beautiful mountain could be re-imagined and run with passion but may need proper guidance on how to do that. I think KSL is capable, but perhaps there is not as much glamour in those (AM) decisions as there is for others. One telling item that stands out for many is that (it seems) there have been no significant capital improvements at AM for decades. The investment of some money would show everyone this is not being treated as a podunk second class resort. It would be nice to see an ROI on the dollars spent, but we all know AM will never be a cash cow, it has it never been in it’s existence. Still, there is too much history, culture and passion to ignore this old girl. It is understood that all businesses have to be run in a fiscally responsible manner, but it seems AM has been virtually ignored for far too long…It is sad, very sad, but I am rooting for AM, and KSL to give her the attention she lacks but desperately needs. Fingers crossed!
  • Please offer Alpine Meadows only tickets at a cheaper price. Sure $52 would be nice again, but its the teen tickets at $78 that prevents my children from bringing their friends with them. Teenage friends skiing=future adult passholders. I could afford the $13 before to bring friends. And also then buy food for the hungry herd.
  • After 45 years of ski racing and rec skiing Alpine has always been the snizel. Lived in Alpine Meadows raced out of Squaw for 20 years but in april/ May all of us always ended up at aApine and I lived at Deer Park for 8 years
  • Bring it back to how it was supposed to be when it opened…. Owned and operated by skiers…. Not real estate investment firms.
  • If the length of the season at Alpine were longer like it used to be, I could probably overlook a lot of the other KSL negatives, this is the biggest disappointment to me.
  • I grew up skiing Alpine, I’ve been an instructor at Alpine and I believe it can be upgraded and improved while still maintaining its feel and character.
  • Purchase Alpine as a cooperatively owned local community asset, sell shares, share labor, etc. Whatever it takes to keep it alive. It will never be a big money maker due to sensitive wetland at base area and USFS land ownership. It will always be a day use area only.
  • Connecting Alpine with Squaw has diminished the appeal of Alpine. i once was enthusiastic about the merger, but Alpine is no longer unique and is only represents a few more lifts at “Squaw.”
  • The rise in costs for family skiing (kids’ tickets, lessons) has sharply reduced the amount of skiing we have done. I suspect we spend less now on skiing than we did before.
  • Bring back most of what has been taken away: deals on tickets (10 pack), events, family spot w/some play activities
  • If the season gets extended and ABC runs when Summit 6 is on weather hold (when possible) I will stay a Alpine pass holder forever.
  • Still the best place. Stop ksl. Squaw is not the problem. We need a skier, not a squawker to run Alpine. Freedom. Free. Free. Did Lower Saddle today. And didn’t feel a bit of corporate. Just pow, smiles. Free
  • There needs to be more employee/public parties on low tide years like this, we need to keep the morale high!!
  • I’d like to see Alpine managed well by people who are doing all they can to give us the best mountain experience. Opening when there is snow, staying open as late as possible. We have to be realistic, KSL is trying to make a profit and I’m OK with that, but let’s try and keep Alpine close to what we love about it, and keep the blue S logo over there in squaw
  • Surprisingly pleased at their running Yellow chair as much mid-week this season. Why they think they need two liftees to load it is a mystery if they’d like to save money.
  • We’ve had a tough 4 years, snow would solve most problems. Can’t deny this may be the new normal, so we need to make a home for current AND future skiers. The combined mountains do not appear to have a long run skier growth plan at all.
  • I’m afraid that if Alpine were sold of there is a good chance of financial struggle especially giving the past few winters and the lack of spending in the ski industry. It would be nice to see Squaw and Alpine ran in a way where they were the same company but not the same mountain. Squaw is where you go for the full resort experience. Alpine is where you go for the locals experience. Each is great for different reasons. Let’s not try to make either mountain something it’s not.
  • I am intrigued with an independent Alpine, but fear it may not be economically feasible given the recent weather trends. I hope that KSL realizes what a unique asset Alpine is and allows it to maintain it’s own identity versus being melded into Squaw.
  • Everyone I’ve encountered at Alpine Meadows works really, really hard to do their best at their job. From ski patrol, coaches and ski instructors, ticket desk, lifties, maintenance, parking lot staff – just everyone. I know they are doing their best to provide the best day of skiing for me. I love that so many Alpine Meadows employees have and express a genuine love for Alpine Meadows. I want to see even more “I ♥ Alpine Meadows” pins on people at the mountain.
  • Feels like Squaw/KSL is using Alpine as an ATM. Prices up; quality down. Disappointed vs 5 years ago.
  • I wish they’d put more effort into lift line management on busy days and less money on “Mountain Ambassadors”
  • I  am local and understand and respect everyone’s right to come up for a good time, regardless if you are a tourist that skis 1-2 times a season. However it seems everything KSL has/is doing is purely to cater for these people. Yes, it’s a business and I realize locals aren’t buying your condos, making reservations at Plumpjack and the spas, or buying their kids $300 jackets in your stores. However we still count, we still matter, we made you who you are. We are the ones sleeping in our cars in the parking lot in a storm to get first chair. We are the ones who are there opening day, closing day, and everything in-between long after the tourists are gone. We are the one’s on the hill when the weather is crap, not sitting in your spas by the fires saying to each other how glad we are not to be out in that shit.
  • Alpine needs lower day ticket prices!!! Come tell unaffordable! It went from $50 tickets to $115 tickets in 10 years! No more lifts!
  • The staff at Alpine is great. Since the merger, they are not getting the same level of resources that Squaw gets. I know it is a business, but they are slowly killing the soul of what makes Alpine a great destination.
  • Fell in love with a beautiful mountain years ago, still love it, dread each years advancements under Squaw
  • I love Alpine. Please don’t wreck this ski area. You don’t realize what you are losing when you coporatize everything. You destroy a segment of humanity. I realize that sounds silly, but it’s true. You’re wiping out community when it IS NOT NECESSARY.
  • The ski industry is in such a challenging place right now. I understand that changes are inevitable and Alpine is going to continue to evolve, but I just wish there was a way for KSL to recognize Alpine as its own experience. Put money into the lifts, ski programs, and the snow sport needs of the local community.
  • Keep it affordable to keep new interest in the mountains and so new people to the sport and families that aren’t rich can enjoy it
  • Like Squaw, it seems like the fun to price ratio gets worse every year. This could be said amongst a lot of the popular Tahoe resorts, however
  • The drought has all made us a bit jumpy and we entertain ourselves by looking for faults. KSL has not done themselves any favors. They haven’t engaged with the community. They don’t ski with us and understand what makes Alpine, Alpine. That’s the problem. If you don’t understand how your product is different, you don’t understand your product. Also, the idea of a waterpark 20 minutes away from our wonderful lake really cheeses me off.
  • Alpine Meadows is the American Dream (FREE) and Squaw/KSL is the Corporate American Dream (PAY to PLAY)
  • No more lifts!!!! Any of the above lift ideas (ie Estelle, High-T) would completely ruin what is special about Alpine and its terrain.
  • It is great that the passes are shared but I only us it 5% and 95% Squaw— if connected – I would ski over for lunch or spring cruise on Sherwood, but also worried about crowding in the KT area from beginner and intermediates -just visiting
  • You can’t stand in the way of progress, and I don’t imagine that’s what your efforts are geared toward. Someone has to be on either side of the coin for a valuable compromise to be reached.
  • There needs to be much more affordable lessons for locals. There are also almost no snowboard specific classes and events anymore which is resulting in the loss of work for lots of snowboard instructors who are being told they need to learn to teach skiing to keep their full-time jobs.
  • #FreeAlpine!!! Co-op, non-profit, whatever it takes, someone needs to rescue Alpine from KSL and allow it to fend for itself! Partner with Homewood to create an authentic Tahoe offering for NorCal locals. Sugar Bowl is old school cool but the long time SF families are giving way to new money and it’s losing its charm. It will be interesting to see how they evolve – Vail or KSL? Yikes!
  • Bring back the commitment to more variety of terrain parks and bigger jumps, enabling the team kids to train for competitions. Pay the ski team coaches more.
  • Too much garbage talk about KSL ruining ski area and the “culture”. Alpine is not Squaw. Both are great ski areas. Connecting them will provide potential for success
  • Alpine was the first mountain I ever rode at in Tahoe, and it will always be my favorite mountain. It’s unique vibe and funky spirit is why we keep coming, regardless of the snow. Alpine does its own thing
  • Alpine is a great compliment but not the other way around as it operates right now. Alpine gets the short end of everything.
  • Skiing at Alpine since 1976, the changes in management styles has me bewildered. If KSL offered $50 lift tickets, both areas would be swamped. KSL needs to get out of town!
  • Alpine is an amazing mountain with great terrain and unfortunately I won’t be coming back. KSL has ruined the Alpine local feel while slowly trying to turn it into Squaw’s new backside. Im am no Squaw ASS.
  • For the most part I feel like the Alpine is worse off since it was purchased. I have always skied Alpine for it’s local and family vibe and that has been hurt since the acquisition. Moving Alpine towards the Squaw feel is a huge negative
  • Preferred $$ parking is a ripoff. Better shuttle service from the parking area would be a better alternative and keep patrons more satisfied
  • I enjoy the opportunity to ski Squaw and Alpine on the same pass. However, KSL has no clue how to operate a ski area and should sell both of them before running them into the ground. That is exactly what they are on track to do.
  • I’m not a Californian, but have family in tahoe. I visit them regularly and Alpine is where I grew up skiing. It’s great to be able to go back there and continue to have experiences with the younger generation now.
  • If I didn’t make it clear, the KSL acquisition has driven a stake into the heart of both Squaw and Alpine. I live in Reno and know DOZENS of people who no longer ride either mountain due the to the crazy crowds and pricing
  • Merger with Squaw threatens everything that Alpine stood for: family friendly, great off piste terrain, low key and fun, nice informal mix of locals and dedicated hard core skiers; great patrol and mountain management.
  • Hate KSL! Hate Andy Wirth! Hate that they have changed the logo. Alpine is not Squaw and Squaw is not Alpine.
  • Give us the big park back with big jumps. Get Jonas back the Squaw park sucks balls and everything they built sucks.
  • It’s a good little mountain, and from everything I’ve seen and been told I would happily spend the money on an independent Alpine pass.
  • I love Alpine….please sell it to Vail Corp or someone else who really is in the ski business…please give its identity back (separate web sites, marketing)…Free Alpine…
  • We should keep quiet and not have them promote Alpine, it is fine without all the Squaw attitude and hype
  • Fix the website to be user friendly, get better web cams. Pretty bad!!! Still come to Alpine, slower paced, fun to run in to friends, easy walk to lifts. If I want to big scene I go to Squaw. Thank god they cannot build a village at Alpine!
  • They need to replace all the old noisy snow guns with quieter fan guns. Alpine should focus on opening as soon as conditions permit. It is a better early season mountain than Squaw. The influence of combined passes has greatly impacted Alpine, especially on days where Squaw has the upper mountain closed or delayed openings. Raise the pass prices and lower the day ticket prices.
  • Get over it. Alpine Meadows is a great resort and I really enjoy it. But in the future it will be better served as part Squaw. With the lack of snow the last three seasons I wonder how Alpine financials would have held without acquistion.
  • I miss the days of competition between Squaw and Alpine to open earlier and stay open later in the season.

We’ve collected far more information than an army of yellow jacket mountain hosts could possibly collect. It’s clear from reading the comments that there are many common ideas and concerns about Alpine Meadows. Will anyone listen? Only if people keep letting SVSH and KSL know what they really think…