has been through some different incarnations over the years. Originally, we were the home for the Alpine Meadows Freestyle Team. When Alpine Meadows removed its public forum, we became the place to talk about what was going on at Alpine.

In 2004, we started posting Andy Wertheim’s Unofficial Alpine Meadows Ski reports, which Andy began writing in 2001. It soon became apparent that we were serving more than just the freestyle team. In 2008, the site became

Sadly, a lot of our history was lost during a temporary merge with UnofficialNetworks in 2012. We thought it might be a good idea, but it just did not work out. It turns out that we just are not on the same mission, and that is okay. So here we are, starting from scratch again.

Although the site is owned and operated by Mark Fisher, we hope it becomes something more. Although Mark has been skiing Alpine Meadows since 1975, he is clearly just one guy that knows a bit more than your average visitor, but not nearly as much as other regulars. No one person has all of the right information or ideas about Alpine Meadows. We hope to provide an open forum to share what’s going on at our mountain.

Thanks for your support and interest in the site.