Squaw Valley Sets A New Record For Anti-Community Spending


We’re not surprised at all. Community opposition to expansion plans at Squaw Valley has been rapidly growing. In response, Squaw Valley contributed a record amount of money in one month to the Save Olympic Valley campaign, which is colloquially known as “Squash Our Voices”. During the month of June, nearly $97,000 was contributed to the effort to stop the incorporation movement in Olympic Valley. To date, Squaw Valley has now contributed nearly $700,000 to make sure that decisions are made by politicians from the other side of the Sierra, rather than the local people that call Olympic Valley their home.

With each passing month, it becomes more and more clear that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and Squaw Valley Real Estate have one clear goal, and that is to appease the investors at KSL Capital. Can we trust Squaw CEO Andy Wirth and friends with the future of North Lake Tahoe? We don’t think so.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.12.20 AMWe’re imagining the difference that nearly $700,000 would have made if it went into the pockets of employees that struggle to make a living working for SVSH. What if that money were used to focus on operating both Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley effectively, instead of lift closures, deferred maintenance and failing to invest into the skiing experience.  We offer kudos to Mount Rose, who announced this week that they would raise their starting wage to $11 per hour. It’s a mountain that has shown that it cares about both its employees and its customers.

At last count, no less than seven grassroots opposition groups (FoSV, FoAM, KST, IOV, Protect Granite Chief Wilderness, Sierra Club, Carpenter’s Union) have now chosen to question KSL and Squaw Valley Ski Holdings’s “profit first, community is an afterthought” mentality.  We think for all parties involved, that it’s  time for a change at Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows.


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