Placer County LAFCO Meets Wednesday To Talk About Olympic Valley CFA

Olympic Valley doesn't even exist according to this map from the Placer County website.
Olympic Valley doesn’t even exist according to this map from the Placer County website.

The Placer County Local Agency Formation Commission will hold a rare local meeting in Tahoe City this Wednesday. The key item on the agenda is the controversial Draft Preliminary Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis of the proposed incorporation in Olympic Valley. The document, released to the public on May 21st, indicates that the proposal may not be financially feasible. Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth used the opportunity to effectively proclaim the incorporation movement was dead.

Last week, the Incorporate Olympic Valley group held their public evaluation of the document. Municipal finance expert Tom Sinclair pointed out more than a dozen flaws in the report. Most of the flaws center on the report not being prepared according the stated mandated guidelines from the Office of Planning and Research.

There’s actually two separate LAFCO meetings scheduled for Wednesday, June 10, both at the Tahoe City PUD offices at 221 Fairway Drive. IOV is hoping that people will attend both of these meetings to send a strong message to Placer County officials that local control is important to the Tahoe community. The fact that Truckee locals never gave up after two failed attempts at incorporation shows that public persistence is required to protect everything that makes Tahoe a special place to live and visit.

The first meeting, at 4:00 pm, is a “special meeting” of LAFCO, and will follow a scheduled agenda that includes items pertaining to the incorporation, as well as items pertaining to Northstar and other regular business. Here’s a link to the agenda.

The second meeting, at 5:30 pm, is a workshop to specifically discuss the CFA. The financial consultant RSG will present the report to the LAFCO Board, which will then be followed by comments from the commissioners. The public will also be allowed to comment publicly but may be limited to 3 minutes. Although you may want to read the actual Preliminary CFA first, it is daunting and difficult to understand. To an untrained eye, it may even seem correct. We strongly encourage you to read our summary of some of the issues with the CFA in our report from last weeks meeting. It’s a good place to learn what sort of questions to ask or comments to make at the meeting.



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