Incorporate Olympic Valley Speaks Up Regarding The Preliminary CFA

It’s been a bit more than a week since the Draft Preliminary Certified Fiscal Analysis was released by the Placer County Local Agency Formation Commission. Last week, we reported on Andy Wirth’s premature proclamation that the incorporation was proven to be not viable by the report. Since that time, it seems as if the response from the Incorporate Olympic Valley group had been slow to arrive. It’s really not surprising that they have taken a moment to clear their thoughts after receiving an entirely unexpected conclusion.

We finally found the most detailed public statement yet from IOV officials in an article posted by the Sacramento Business Journal. In the article, titled “Olympic Valley incorporation supporters criticize negative report”, IOV does identify some specific concerns regarding the report.

“It’s important to remember that the preliminary draft CFA is a fluid document and the revenue neutrality negotiations have yet to even begin…” – Jamie Schectman, IOV Board Member

We were also told last week that Fred Ilfeld, also of the IOV Board, had submitted a “My Turn” editorial with a more detailed outline of concerns to the Tahoe Daily Tribune/Sierra Sun.

Correction: Apparently the print edition of the Sierra Sun carried Fred’s My Turn column on Friday. It has not yet appeared online.


Update the online version of Fred’s letter is now available.

Incorporate Olympic Valley will be holding its next public meeting on Tuesday, June 2nd at 7pm. This month’s special guest is former Orinda City Manager and municipal finance expert Tom Sinclair. The focus of this meeting will be an analysis of the Preliminary CFA. There seems to be some substance to claims that the document has flaws and this will be a good opportunity to understand those concerns. Meetings are held at the Squaw Valley Public Services District community meeting room, located at the west end of the fire station on Squaw Valley Road.

IOV has also encouraged people to attend the Placer County LAFCO public workshop on the Preliminary CFA on Wednesday, July 10th at 5:30. The meeting will be held at the Tahoe City PUD building.

It’s got to be a difficult battle for the pro-incorporation folks – going up against a multi-billion dollar investment firm and the many people they have co-opted to help stop the incorporation movement. As we’ve said before, it a true David and Goliath battle for the future of Olympic Valley.


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