Sun For Saturday And Then …..

There’s some warm temperatures on tap for Saturday. If you’re looking for corn and spring conditions, tomorrow is your day to work on that goggle tan. Reports from most sources say that southern slopes have been skiing well this week. Winter snow has still been reported on north facing slopes, but with temps in the 40’s and 50’s this week, it’s not the driest snow ever.

From Sunday onward, all bets are off. The forecasts are all over the map with exactly how much rain or snow will fall or when it will fall. In these cases, it may be best to just enjoy viewing the 5 day precipitation totals and wait for it to come. Fortunately, recent forecasts have under done some of the storms and we hope that is true this week as well. Nonetheless, the map is encouraging for the upcoming 5 days.


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We’re slowing adding more detail back to the newest Check the links to 4 different weather resources on our Links page.

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