Jan 12 2014

David Wise Clinches His Spot On The US Olympic Team In Skier Halfpipe

David Wise took the gold medal and clinched a spot on the Olympic team at Breckenridge today. Photo courtesy of US Freeskiing.

David Wise took the gold medal and clinched a spot on the Olympic team at Breckenridge today. Photo courtesy of US Freeskiing.

David Wise was once again at the top of the podium today at the Breckenridge Grand Prix skier halfpipe event. The event had originally been scheduled for Northstar, but was moved to Breckenridge due to uncertain snow conditions. The Breckenridge event was rescheduled twice due to snowy conditions, that made for better powders days than halfpipe days. David’s run included: Double cork 1260, rightside 900, leftside 900, rightside 720, switch 720, alley-oop flatspin 540, which delivered the gold medal for this event, and enough points to clinch the Olympic team position.

I’m so happy we got the event off. It’s never a good thing to take a qualifier and turn it into a final, so I think all the riders had that mentality. I’m just excited that everyone was able to get out and that a lot of good runs were landed despite the conditions. The pressure is off for me now. I’m so stoked. I’m excited to go ski at Park City. Now the pressure is off I can work on my runs a little more and maybe work on some things I still need to hone in for Sochi.

– David Wise

Wise is a veteran of the Alpine Meadows Freestyle Team, training with head coach Clay Beck until 2008. Wise is one of 5 athlete’s that will be showcased in next week’s premiere of “Cusp Of Glory: A Tahoe Coach’s Legacy.” The film premiere’s Sunday the 19th at the Plaza Bar at Squaw Valley. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the Cusp Of Glory site.

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Mark Fisher has been skiing Alpine Meadows since 1975 & running some sort of unofficial Alpine Meadows site since 2004.


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  1. Woot

    Great coverage on a Alpine Meadows sker! (I hope no one ‘over the ridge’ steals him :).


    1. Mark

      David is officially sponsored by Northstar I believe. Alpine Meadows has never done a good job recognizing it’s athletes other than the Jamaican guy…and KSL is not any better. Also, Alpine stopped building a halfpipe several years ago and that makes it difficult to support these world class athletes.

      1. Bizarre

        Why did KSL want a water theme park – because kids tell the parents where to go. Why is VisitCalifornia/ VisitLA promoting the Brady Bunch house as a ‘must see’ – coz Greg and Marcia were and are Influencers 40 years later. Why did NS sign up White? etc etc . Will NS market “its” athletes at the Games – you bet. Not signing up teenager influencers (like the laplante kids) isn’t very clever imo.

  2. Valleygirl

    One more stupid KSL marketing mishap! Let’s claim him any way, sponsor or no sponsor! His roots are at Alpine, Go David Go! You are on the Cusp of Glory!

    #FreeAlpine I say………….

    Does KSL have too many gold medal athletes? They are asleep at the wheel!

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