More On The Proposed Alpine Sierra Subdivision In Alpine Meadows

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I love that people are willing to share information. That’s what we’re really about at I am a firm believer in the idea that “more information is better.” We got a nice little present via e-mail today. A local Alpine Meadows reader remembered that he had found a copy of the subdivision map posted earlier this summer, and today he sent us a scan.

While the document does not address all of the questions posed yesterday, it confirms a lot of reports and clarifies some confusion. Here’s a synopsis:

• The total of 47 homes does consist of 33 single family lots of approximately an acre each. It also allows for a total of 14 units in halfplex configuration. The halfplex units will abut the Stanford Alpine Chalet property.

• The odd little strip on the western strip of the property is actually a very useful access point for entry from Alpine Meadows Road.

• The project actually increases the amount of land zoned Open Space by about 4 acres. A total of 19 acres would be dedicated to open space zoning.

• The return access from “Condo Run” seems to remain clear of any structures and is zoned Open Space. Whether or not access is hindered from Field Of Dreams…well, we try not to give too many specifics about Field of Dreams around here.

Nobody ever expected “affordable housing” units to be built in Alpine Meadows. It’s looking like the proposal is about the best we can hope for on the property. I know of a quite a few people that have been waiting for the moment when they could buy a lot in Alpine Meadows. There’s still time to ask questions or give your input on the project. Alex Fisch is the senior planner in charge of the project at Placer County. Contact Alex here.

Here’s a link to the 2 Page PDF of the proposal.


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