Powder. He Gone.

It was another beautiful day at Alpine Meadows, as long as you were not still expecting to get much in the way of powder turns. Much of the mountain was groomed and that is where 95% of the people were skiing and riding today. For me, it was a day to enjoy a quiet, non-crowded day, relearning how to tele after a month of pure alpine turns.

Photo by Patty

Sure, there were some isolated places to get off piste. I noted some people had hiked to the summit of Ward Peak to catch those last few pow turns above the ABC lift shack. Another friend mentioned that they found good winter snow in Counterweight Gully, while another claimed he found sick powder by hiking out well past Grouse Rock.

We’re hoping with all of the lift ramps built and roads put in, that we see “grooming maximus” for the upcoming weekend, as that is where the true fun will be for the weekend. We also see that Alpine Bowl Chair is about dug out and we hope it also joins the weekend schedule. If we learned one thing this year, all weekends are crowded…


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