Andy Wertheim: Close To Perfect

Hello Skiers and Riders,

On such a beautiful sunny day with trees laden with snow and mountains covered in a thick white blanket of deep light snow, an unfortunate incident occurred at Squaw Valley.  A ski patrolman died during avalanche operations.  Squaw Valley closed for the day which sent skiers to Alpine Meadows, which remained open.  The details of the death of the patrolman appear to have been from an explosives accident and not an avalanche.

Lines at Summit and Scott were long at times in the morning, but became minimal later in the afternoon.  Yesterday’s powder appeared to be lighter this morning as the cold overnight temperatures apparently dried the pack out.  All of the upper mountain was untouched and ready for the throng of skiers and riders waiting to deface it.  It did not take long for all the normal runs off Summit and Scott to turn from a smooth white face to a picture that looked more like a wrinkled hillside.

All of the mountain was open with the exception of Sherwood which did not turn today.  However, Lakeview opened for awhile sporting long lines, but broke down around noon.  This forced some people to walk out.  Many hiked up Reily’s Run for a powder run and to return via the road from Sherwood.  Evidently the lift started up again and then ended up shutting down causing some skiers to hike out twice.

What about the snow?  It was perfect.  Real light powder where we could find it.  Nice chop after it was skied out in many areas, and excellent skier pack when it was fully packed out.

We skied Scott Chute, Gentian Gully, Promised Land and Standard Run (see attached photos), as well as the trees between Lakeview Runs.  Palisades was filled with plenty of snow that was excellent soft pack created from slides that occurred during the week.  Although I did not get out to the further reaches, I did watch skiers and riders coming down Keyhole, High Yellow Face, Beaver, Estelle, Bernie’s Bowl and the Buttress.  It all looked great.  Skiing was awesome today.

Enjoy your day,

Andy Wertheim

Our photo selection tonight highlights the beauty of skiing. Thank you to the people that make it happen…

Our thoughts are with the Squaw Valley community tonight…

Contributions to the Patroller Joe Zuiches Memorial Fund can be made here.


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