A Thursday Redux

I wasn’t even going to write a report today as it would be almost identical to last Thursday’s report, titled A-L-L-T-I-M-E! It was really, really, really fun out there today. Sure there was limited terrain…who cares? The wind was blowing hard and getting even Scott into operations was not an expectation for me.

So summarizing…

• The usual lower mountain lifts opened shortly after 9 AM.

• Very few people beat the Alpine Meadows Road closure for avalanche control work this morning, even though fair warning was tweeted out and plenty early. So it was pretty much a private mountain for the first hour of skiing.

• There was 16 inches of new snow and that did a pretty good job of covering all but the biggest ice moguls. I managed to find a couple on Sunday School. About 6 additional inches fell through 2 pm.

• Nothing else ever opened beyond Scott for the remainder of the day.

The next storm will be moving in tonight and another on Saturday night. NOAA just decided to cover their bases and issue a Winter Storm Warning extending from this afternoon until 4 AM Monday. It would be reasonable to expect that 4-6 feet of snow will fall at the ski resort levels by Monday. Winds will be a little bit calmer into Saturday, but for Saturday night into Sunday, the winds could be very problematic. Ridge gusts are expected up to 125 mph. Sunday could be a blowout, literally.

I only took one picture today as I was skiing mostly by myself. It’s one more picture than Andy took; if you need more, refer back to last Thursday’s post. Andy’s report follows the picture.

Chairs were full on the first lap, this was the second lap…
Andy Wertheim: Clean Lines For Those That Showed Up

Hello Skiers and Riders,

High winds kept a number of lifts on hold again today.  Summit Six, Lakeview, and Sherwood did not turn for skiers on this snow showery day.  Alpine Bowl Chair appears to have been damaged (at least the structure that houses the upper station) which is most likely why it has not been operating.  After waiting for avalanche safety on the main road to be complete we headed up to the mountain.  Roundhouse was again the only game in town until later in the morning when Scott opened, but the lack of participants on Roundhouse made skiing the foot of powder that landed overnight dreamy.  We found some clean lines in the Deer Camp area as well as on The Face and beyond.  Conditions did vary in from nice foot deep powder to a sprinkling of new snow over more firm avalanche debris.  Once Scott Chair opened we did find a clear line in the trees in Seldom Slides, in the trees between Ridge and Bobbies Trails, and in Gentian Gully.

Even the cut up powder was good although it firmed up quickly as if became packed out.

At times winds whipped around us and at other moments the air was still.  Snow fell heavily at times and disappeared at others.  Today was one of those excellent storm days when the hill was not crowded and the skiing was sweet.

I did get one or two shoulder shots, but no face shots on this day.  I was too busy trying to keep up with my friends to stop and take pictures, but I assume you can imagine what the mountain looked like this morning.

Enjoy your day,

Andy Wertheim

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