The Five Run Rule Was Modified Today Due To Early Rain

We had to do our due diligence this morning. We hoped to catch at least a few nice turns at Alpine Meadows before things got really wet. That just was not going to be happening today…

Normally, if we get to Alpine Meadows and it’s raining buckets, we have always had the “Five Run Rule” in our family. It runs all of the way back to the days where there were no mountain hosts in yellow jackets. Back then, you could just about count on some friendly employee to be handing out clear plastic poncho bags with the Alpine Meadows logo.

You can usually get five runs in pretty quick as long as Roundhouse is running…but today it went on wind hold shortly before 9 AM.

We managed 3 runs today before some parts were just so soggy that it was time to take a break…and once we took that break, it was tough to go back out. While the Trew jacket and pants combo did a great job of keeping most of my body dry, I can’t say the same for my gloves and buff, which were literally soaked after an hour in the rain.

We skipped the line at Hot Wheels and jumped on Meadow and then slogged on over to Yellow. The off piste snow was like glue, but on piste skied-in snow was fast and fun. We did one more on Hot Wheels and declared that it had been a good day. The new calculations require that any run done on Subway, Meadow or Hot Wheels must count for two laps. Sometime later, Hot Wheels, Yellow and Kangaroo went on wind hold. Around 1:00 pm the mountain was closed for the day.

We really appreciate the efforts of all of the employees that made their best efforts to get the mountain open. It’s not easy setting everything up, only to have to take it back down. Some of you needed to be home today to prepare for the storm. Others may have been sent home early, even though they were counting on those hours to pay their bills. Thanks for all you do!

Two things to note, the PSA article we published this week now holds the record for one day readership at Unofficial Alpine. Although many people heeded that advice, we saw many people today that seemed completely baffled by the idea that today was not a powder day with full operations at the mountain. Parking lots 1, 2, and 3 were full and lot 4 was nearly full when we left around 11 AM. I can definitely remember being “that guy” or “that family” that equated a rainstorm at home with a powder day on the mountain, and failed to check conditions before heading to Tahoe. Thanks to everyone that shared with a friend this week.

FYI…make a plan to hunker down and enjoy a movie or a game with the family tomorrow. Word on the street is that Alpine Meadows will not be opening tomorrow.


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