Attorney General Of California Submits Comments On The Village At Squaw Valley Plan

kamala-harrisIt was another day of big news in the battle over the proposed Village At Squaw Valley Project. State Attorney General Kamala D. Harris submitted a 15 page commentary on the proposal’s flawed Environmental Impact Report today. While it’s not necessarily the last nail in the coffin for the project, as some have claimed, it is important evidence of what many have been saying all along. While Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth and his minions have tried to discredit just about everyone else that is opposed to the project, it’s hard to come out against the Attorney General’s findings.

Harris’s concerns fall into a fairly narrow scope when it comes to all of the 23 “significant and unavoidable impacts” noted in the EIR. Her concerns focused on the increased vehicular traffic that would be created by the project. Those increases would lead to degradation of water clarity and air quality, an increase in greenhouse gasses in the basin, and a degradation of roadway service. Harris cited examples in the basin where traffic is already rated at Level E. If the project proceeds, the level of roadways service in many areas of North Tahoe would drop to Level F, the lowest possible level. The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency goals include a goal of keeping all basin roadways at Level D or better.

We’re proud of Ms Harris’ choice to stand up for the Lake Tahoe region. Lake Tahoe is a treasure that we cannot afford to screw up for the benefit of an out of state investment fund. We hope to hear many more stories about people who stood up to protect Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows and the North Lake Tahoe region at tomorrow’s planning commission meeting.

Placer County Planning Commission Meeting

Thursday, August 11th at 10:00

North Tahoe Event Center, Kings Beach

Plan on arriving really early. Traffic was near gridlock this afternoon, in the middle of the week, in Kings Beach. Here’s the link to Harris’ Squaw Valley comment letter.


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